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Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) 

The Grey Squirrel was introduced to Britain deliberately from its origin of North America around 1876 and it has spread throughout England and Wales but has not yet spread to much of Scotland and some of the offshore islands.


They live in broad leaf or broad leaf /conifer mixed woodland and hedgerows. It is also a common resident of urban areas living in gardens and parks where ever there are trees.

Grey Squirrels have two litters a year, firstly in February-March and then the a second litter June – July The gestation period is 45 days and they are weaned after 45 days. Litters average 3 to 4 young and are born in a nest (or dreys) made of twigs and leaves up in the forks of trees or may use tree hollows (Dens).

They eat a wide range of foods from nut,s bird’s eggs and nestling’s shoots and fungi. In urban situations they will eat food put out for birds or deliberately put out for the squirrels. Surplus food will often be buried and retrieved at a later date.

Squirrels in urban situations can cause serious damage if allowed to enter roof spaces of houses and buildings by either climbing walls or jumping from nearby trees. Once inside they can cause havoc by chewing wood and ceilings, tearing up the loft insulation to make a drey and stripping the insulation from electrical wiring which can cause a fire. They can drown in the cold water storage tank, leaving a bad odour.

In the garden they cause problems by raiding bird tables and nut feeders and raiding birds nests of their eggs or young. They take fruit like apples plums and strawberries.

In woodland and parks they cause damage to trees like sycamore and beech by stripping the bark which often causes weakening or death of shoots. Also same as in the urban situation they raid birds nests of eggs and young.

Signs Of presence

Grey squirrels have many signs of their presence these are:

  • Squirrels are easily seen during the day time as this is when they are most active.
  • Another obvious sign of there presence is their Dreys.
  • Nuts with holes gnawed in then nut split opened. They will also strip bark from trees such as sycamore and beech.
  • Some squirrels will go to a favourite feeding spot like a tree stump or fence post and the remains will be scattered around.
  • Squirrel droppings may vary in colour and shape depending on their diet. They can be spherical like a rabbit or more elongated like a rats.
Pest Control Solutions Environmental Services uses traditional as well as modern control methods to remove and prevent infestation:

  • Drey poking and shooting. a traditional method using 3 people, 1 uses a set of poles to poke the dreys while the other 2 people have shotguns and shoot the squirrels as they emerge. This is done in woodlands and in the winter months. Considerations of safety and the public determine were we can shoot.
  • Cage traps. Baited cage traps can be used were the right situations permits, this catches the squirrel alive and under the Wildlife and countryside act 1981: must be destroyed humanely and not released or allowed to escape back in to the wild.
  • Spring traps. Can be used in the right situations we can use a variety of traps which all come under the Spring Traps Approval Order 1995: and are used under the guidelines of the law.
  • Poison Baiting.  Outside baiting can be used but only under carefully regulated conditions and only approved poison in only certain counties of England and Wales were there are no Red Squirrels. Indoor baiting can be done using only approved poison. It can be used in roof spaces in all areas of the country.

Pest control solutions can proof roof spaces by blocking gaps and entrance holes to exclude the squirrel please contact us for a free survey and specific site proofing.

If you need any information on removing or preventing squirrels, please contact Pest control solutions and we can advise you on the best solution to your squirrel problem

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Close up of loft damage by a squirrel

Close up of loft damage by a squirrel

Grey Squirrel caught in a Elgeeco Squirrel Cage Trap

Grey Squirrel caught in a Elgeeco Squirrel Cage Trap

Damage to Electrical Wire in Loft.

Damage to Electrical Wire in Loft.