Rat infestation in a kitchen we got rid of the Rats proofed were they were getting in and cleaned the affected areas with a biocide and removed the droppings one happy customer Worksop Nottinghamshire.

Fitted a Stainless Steel Rat flap in a customers drain Worksop Nottinghamshire prevents Rats getting through your drains in to your property comes in 4 inch and 6 inch we can supply and fit them or you can purchase these. Stainless Steel Ratflap ( 4 Inch Version) Stainless Steel Ratflap (6 Inch Version)

Called out to a customer today with a Wasps nest in the inside of the garage near the door we treated and removed the nest for the customer.

Was called out to a customer at Carlton In Lindrick Worksop Nottinghamshire who had these lovely Bumble bees that were nesting in the ground advised them to leave them alone they will be gone soon 😁

Commercial cleaning today in Nottingham cleaning all the Pigeon Guano and keeping the fire escapes clean and mold free for health and safety. 😁