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The Cat flea (ctenocephalides felis), is the most common of the fleas and is the cause of over 75% of all flea infestations. They are 2-3mm long and are often found in the hosts bedding. The majority of flea bites on humans are Cat fleas as Dog fleas and Human fleas are less common. If there is a infestation on commercial property this could be due to a feral cat problem.

Cat Flea

The adult flea will live off variety of warm blooded animals and birds in the absence of the preferred host. Fleas can spread a variety of diseases but in the U.K this is rare but their bites are painful and irritating which is a visible small deep red spot with a reddened area and may lead to hypersensitivity if continued to being bitten over a period of time. 

Flea larvae develop easily in most houses with carpeted rooms and central heating and cats bedding may support a flea population of 8000 immature and 2000 adult forms. Pupae can lay dormant over a period of time in vacant properties and the adults emerge when vibrations of new hosts move in to the property which can cause the host to have mass bites.

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Fleas, Flea Infestations, Worksop, Retford, Mansfield, Hull