Very busy Wasps Nest Treated for a customer at Anlaby Hull.

Human feces treated with a biocide and removed from a customers car park in Chesterfield Derbyshire.

Customer was hearing noises in the kitchen at night on the survey we knew it was Mice but placed a wildlife camera under the kitchen units and this confirms to the owner that they did have mice.

As a pest controller there is plenty of signs that a customer has Rats but I always find a wildlife camera is invaluable to determine level of infestation as a camera never lies.

Wasp Nest Treatment Service (Retford) £50

Air brick mesh fitted to prevent Rats and Mice getting in to a property Worksop Nottinghamshire. We provide a fitting service or you can buy them online. Air Brick Mesh (Small) Air Brick Mesh (Medium)      

       Rat infestation in a kitchen we got rid of the Rats proofed were they were getting in and cleaned the affected areas with a biocide and removed the droppings one happy customer Worksop Nottinghamshire.

Was called out to a customer at Carlton In Lindrick Worksop Nottinghamshire who had these lovely Bumble bees that were nesting in the ground advised them to leave them alone they will be gone soon 😁

Commercial cleaning today in Nottingham cleaning all the Pigeon Guano and keeping the fire escapes clean and mold free for health and safety. 😁