Very busy Wasps Nest Treated for a customer at Anlaby Hull.

Human feces treated with a biocide and removed from a customers car park in Chesterfield Derbyshire.

Customer was hearing noises in the kitchen at night on the survey we knew it was Mice but placed a wildlife camera under the kitchen units and this confirms to the owner that they did have mice.

As a pest controller there is plenty of signs that a customer has Rats but I always find a wildlife camera is invaluable to determine level of infestation as a camera never lies.

Did a bad flea treatment today for a landlord the tenants had just moved out some poor plumber had been in to do some work and was bitten this was me as I had just walked in to the house there was loads of them in Worksop Nottinghamshire.

Wasp Nest Treatment Service (Retford) £50

Wasp Nest Treatment Service (Worksop) £50

We are on the Basis Prompt Register Worksop Nottinghamshire. The BASIS PROMPT Pest Controllers register is an industry initiative which provides independent proof that a pest controller has received proper professional training and has continued to update their expertise through Continuing Professional Development (CPD). As registration has to be renewed each year, members of the

We are NPTA accredited accreditation enables our members to join an elite group of companies who can then gain access to the larger, nationwide contracts available. Only accredited members are entitled to do this as the audit process that this membership category undertakes, guarantees the professionalism, conduct and assurance that work is carried out to

Air brick mesh fitted to prevent Rats and Mice getting in to a property Worksop Nottinghamshire. We provide a fitting service or you can buy them online. Air Brick Mesh (Small) Air Brick Mesh (Medium)