Common Black Ant, Garden Ant (Lasius niger)

Commonly found throughout the U.K and are found frequently close to dwellings. The start of a new colonies begins when a mated winged female digs into the earth and sets up a cell in which she lays large number of white eggs which hatch after 3-4 weeks. These eggs hatch in to white legless grubs which the female feeds from a secretion from her salivary glands. The larva mature and pupate within the cell after just 3 weeks. The adult ants emerge after around 2 weeks.
The first generation of adults will be workers, these will now tend to the queen and the next batch of subsequent larva will collect a verity of food materials to the nest. This ranges from small dead insects, nectar, and sugary secretions produced by the green fly and black fly. In late summer winged males and larger winged females will be produced from the nest, these will leave the nest in large numbers usually in the afternoon and mate on the wing. The males will die quickly after mating and the females that survive will start new colonies.

Signs of presence...

Live Insects: You will see the workers ants coming and going from nest site foraging, they are a problem in kitchens in summer as they look for sweet substances.

Nests:You will see small heaps of soil on gardens indicating nest sites.

Pharaohs Ants (Monomorium pharaonis) are commonly found in hospitals and can be problematic to treat.

There are many different species of ants where correct identification needs to be done to administer the most appropriate treatment.

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