The Cluster Buster System


Product Description

An elegant end to cluster fly problems


    • QuickSand® rises as pests sink


    • One trap per problem window


    • Breaks the entry / exit cycle


    • Causes rapid dehydration


    • Prevents repellent odourS


    • Long-term – Economical


    • It works when all else fails!

No More Mess, No More Buzzing, No More Cluster Fly problem
This amazing, simple device from Powder Trap® is proven to eliminate your cluster fly problem when used as a system. Place one trap in each problem window and the Cluster Buster® system will break the entry-exit cycle by capturing flies and preventing them from refreshing the pheromone trails that lead even more flies back in.

The first set of traps last up to 2 years on average, 3-4 years for the follow up. This means it is the most economical expedient.

Additional Information

Weight 0.8 kg