Pest Prevention Service

  •  We can offer routine inspections and treatments throughout the year to prevent pest activity, specification tailored to suit your needs.
  • Additional visits, call outs and follow up treatments carried out at no extra charge. Genuine 24 Hour, 7 day service.
  • Method statements and risk assessments for site specific jobs incorporating digital photographs
  • Each Service agreement has its unique asset tracking which is e-mailed to the customer once the visit is completed.
  • Comprehensive hard back report pack compromising contract information, treatments report, technical data and bait point checklist.
  • Safest chemicals used. Non spill baits contained in heavy-duty tamper resistant plastic/metal internal and perimeter bait stations.
  • A number of methods can be used to achieve a virtually rodent proof building. These include heavy duty industrial bristle strip for door bases. Aluminum 'Expomet' and stainless steel 'weld mesh' for air bricks, vents and Louvre doors. Suitable substrates for holes in brickwork and around pipes.
  • One point of contact to establish client relationships and to convey feedback following every site visit

Electric Fly Killing Units
  • Pest Control Solutions provide high quality, British made Electric Fly Killing Units.
  • The UV lamps we provide are standard and shatterproof for glass free areas. Spares and maintenance is available by Pest Control Solutions for all Electric Fly Killers.
  • Pest Control Solutions use the latest technology including glue board units and modern designs which can be used for front of house purposes.
  • Where any food is prepared it is essential that you have discreet but effective treatment for insects as they carry diseases which can be spread into your workplace. As an example, statistics have shown that every time a common house fly lands, it regurgitates.

Insect Screens

Pest Control Solutions provide insect screen doors and windows with powder coated Aluminum frames, with strong / durable PVC coated fibre glass mesh or Stainless Steel depending on the requirement.

All are made to measure and are made up on site ensuring they fit perfectly and operate smoothly whilst complying with all food hygiene regulations.

Insect Screen Doors and Windows from Pest Control Solutions can help reduce the risk of many different types of insect infestation into your home / office etc.

Images on the left show insect screens being fitted to a window and a door of a food establishment.

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Proofing Methods

Proofing Methods

An air brick cover prevents pests getting in through the air brick of your house these can be purchased off our website or fitted by us for you.


A bristle strip fitted to a garage door to prevent entry by pests, these can be fitted to roller shutter doors and doors.
Proofing Weep Hole Covers

Proofing Weep Hole Covers